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Halloween Eggings and Car Accidents: Determining Extra Settlement Factors in Your Case

Halloween is filled with a lot of fun activities, but the bad side of the holiday also involves a lot of various pranks. Halloween pranks are often started out of good-humored fun, but they can often lead to bad results. If you were driving on Halloween, your vehicle may have been the victim of an egging. The result of this prank attack could lead to your vehicle being in a car accident. If you were injured or harmed due to a Halloween prank, you will likely seek a settlement for your injuries and medical bills. Along with the basic payments for the injuries, there are several other factors that can go into your settlement case. By consulting with a car-accident attorney, you can bring up the following factors and help develop a well-rounded case that covers all of your impacts. Once the final settlement is reached, you can feel satisfied knowing that you got a settlement that you deserved for the egging and car accident.

Eggs & Car Damage

Along with your own injuries, egging can result in a lot of car damage. Not only could your car deal with scratches, dents, and broken parts due to a crash or collision, but it's also important to take note of the areas where eggs hit the vehicle. The egg itself may have been thrown at a speed or angle that caused a crack in a window or windshield. When an egg splatters, the acid from it can also cause the vehicle's paint to change color or chip away. Even when basic repairs and body work is completed for the accident, the egged areas may be overlooked. By examining your vehicle, you can see if there are areas that have been damaged. New paint is often needed because cleaning the egg off too late will prevent any restoration possibilities.

Halloween Anxiety

A big part of any auto accident case is determining changes in your quality of life. Being involved in a car accident on a major holiday like Halloween can come with some serious changes and issues. One of the main factors that it can impact is the stress and anxiety in your life. Halloween decorations and sales can often start up to two months ahead of time. This means that you are dealing with eight weeks of reminders of your accident every time you go to a store or other public locations. As the holiday draws near, you may find your anxiety increasing as you are forced to relive the accident. On the actual holiday, you may choose to stay home instead of celebrating annual traditions like haunted houses, trick or treating, and costume parties. Missing out on these events can have a huge impact on your quality of life. An auto-accident attorney can use details of this to help seek settlement amounts for your growing anxiety.

Therapy Costs

To help get your through your anxiety, you may seek the help of a professional therapist. You can seek services on your own or get recommendations through an accident lawyer. The therapists can help you get through the trauma of the incident and anything else that occurred as a result. For example, you may have been involved in a car accident that included other drivers or pedestrians. The costs for these sessions can often be included in settlement cases. Along with providing compensation for the settlement costs, a therapist can also provide statements and reports on your emotional state after the accident has occurred. An attorney can seek this testimony and use it to help build your case file. With your permission, personal details from sessions can be used to help make a case stronger.

Halloween accidents can be scary, but the help of an attorney can go a long way in providing the legal guidance you need to get a proper settlement.

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