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3 Ways You Can Prepare To Get The Most From Your Divorce Consultation

Even if you have not decided whether or not you should file for divorce, a consultation with a divorce attorney could be necessary. During the consultation, you can learn about the laws that could impact your case. It is also a chance for the attorney to learn the basic facts of your case. If you do file for divorce, the attorney will already have the basics to get the process started. To get the most out of your consultation, there are some steps you need to take before the appointment.  

Obtain Copies of Court Orders

Recent court orders and any pending motions that you and your spouse have could play a role in your divorce. For instance, if you and your spouse are currently being sued, the lawsuit could impact how your assets and debts are divided if you do divorce.  

Custodial or financial support orders are especially important. The orders could be used by your attorney to create an agreement with your spouse. The agreement could become the final custodial or financial order if your spouse and the judge are agreeable to it.  

Print Out Emails and Text Messages

Some of your communications with your spouse could impact your case. Providing the attorney with examples of the communications can help him or her decide which direction to take your case.  

For instance, if your spouse has sent you abusive text messages, your attorney could use that information to request a restraining order, if necessary. If your spouse has made financial promises to you, such as offering to pay for your education, your attorney might be able to work those into the final divorce agreement.  

Although the attorney needs to see the communications, remember, you are only taking a sample. Your time is limited in the first appointment, and you only need to give a sampling of what is transpiring between you and your spouse.  

Create a Simple Financial Outline

The attorney needs to know you and your spouse's financial situation. Since finances are one of the most contested aspects of a case, he or she needs to know if there are any assets that would lead to arguments between you and your spouse.  

The outline needs to be just that. You do not need to overwhelm the attorney with stacks of financial documents the first visit. He or she will collect more in-depth information about your financial situation later.  

When scheduling the consultation, find out if there are any other steps you need to take to prepare for your appointment.