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Seek Immigration Attorney Representation At An Affordable Cost By Contacting Unbundled Legal Help

It can be expensive to hire an attorney to represent you in immigration matters -- it could cost you as much as $5,000 to hire this type of lawyer. Not many people have that kind of money, nor do they have access to borrowing $5,000. There is one way you can have your immigration legal needs met: by contacting unbundled legal help, which means you choose and pay only for the services your case needs. Your unbundled legal help services may cost as low as $500 to $1,500.

Unbundled Immigration Attorney Services

When you hire an unbundled legal lawyer to help you with your immigration matter, you're allowed to divide your case into parts. You only pay your attorney for the specific tasks you agree to when you hire the attorney; in doing so, your attorney billable hours are lowered.

Making Sure Immigration Laws Meet Your Legal Rights

You've got a right to be proud when you have documents that prove you have been granted residency or citizenship status in America. You acquire your right to enjoy protected freedoms that this country gives you. You also have the freedom to visit other countries and take advantage of international commerce as an entrepreneur. However, you may need an immigration lawyer, depending upon your specific immigration case, to sort it all out for you. Immigration status can be quite complicated at times, so you should obtain first-class legal representation by working with an unbundled legal lawyer.


Always remember that your unbundled legal lawyer's services have basic fees that require payment only for specific tasks associated with your case. Your attorney will aggressively pursue your legal rights according to what is allowed by immigration law; for example, immigrants may be granted visas to enter this country for a certain amount of time, so you can obtain a temporary visa. A temporary visa addresses work authorization, business and investor visas, and also student visas. Your visa can also allow you to travel or simply be a tourist.

Your unbundled legal attorney helps you to maneuver through what you need for your specific plans. If you need your visa status changed, it's your attorney who is your best legal representative to get this done for you. They can also take care of matters concerning a family member who needs immigration advice.

You may think that you can handle all of your immigration needs on your own, which can become very complicated and stressful. Making that choice often leads to mass confusion for many people. It takes the smart, well-informed thinking of a seasoned immigration lawyer with courtroom experience to make sure that all your rights are taken into consideration. Rest assured that you will receive your visa papers legally approved for a price that is lowered when you use unbundled legal help. For more information, contact legal professionals like Tesoroni & Leroy.