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How Unexpected Risks Can Cause Swimming Pool Injuries

If you have been injured in a swimming pool, one of the things that will determine whether you have a valid injury claim is the cause of your injury. This is because you don't deserve to be compensated for obvious risks, such as slipping and falling on the wet perimeter of the pool. Here are some of the not-so-obvious risks for which the pool management may be liable:

Diving Injuries Caused By Shallow Pools

If (for one reason or another) a pool is too shallow for diving, then it should be marked as such. Most diving injuries occur at depths under 6 feet, the American Red Cross recommends a minimum diving depth of 9 feet, and many places require "No Diving" warnings for depths of 5 feet and below. Therefore, if you get injured while diving in a four-foot deep swimming pool and there was no warning, you may have a valid claim against the pool's management.

Injuries Caused By Hidden Obstructions

Hidden obstructions in the water are some of the worst causes of swimming pool injuries; they often result in nasty injuries. Hidden objects can include things like ordinary objects that rolled and fell into the pool but haven't been removed, dislodged swimming pool tiles, or damaged swimming pool pipes. These are all things that the pool management should take care of, and you can hold them liable for injuries caused by such things.

Injuries Caused By Inadequate Lifeguards

Despite the best precautions, accidents still happen at swimming pools; this is why all public swimming pools should have lifeguards on hand to help those who may suffer accidents at the pool. However, some swimming pools don't have enough lifeguards to assist injured swimmers, and this can lead to serious injuries from minor accidents. You can hold the management liable for your injuries if you were injured because a lifeguard wasn't on hand to help you.

Injuries Caused by Poor Maintenance

Lastly, there are clear guidelines for taking care of swimming pools so that they don't because too dangerous. For example, the swimming pool chemical content should be maintained at a safe level, the water level should be maintained, and all electrical connections should be well insulated from the water. Therefore, you deserve to be compensated if you are injured as a result of negligent maintenance.

Consult apersonal injury lawyer despite if you think your injuries were caused by obvious risks or not. Your lawyer will tell you whether you have a valid claim.