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How Can You Prove An Age Discrimination Case Against An Employer?

It is illegal for your employer to discriminate against you based on your age. This means that they cannot demote you or fire you based on your age. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to prove that your age was the reason for these things occurring. If you believe that you are the victim of age discrimination, here are a few key pieces of evidence that can be used to help you prove your case. 

Direct Statements 

One of the best pieces of evidence that you can have when you are trying to win an age discrimination case against an employer is direct statements. If someone directly told you that you are being fired or demoted because of your age, or put that in writing, you have good evidence that you are being discriminated against because of your age. Unfortunately, it is rare to get this kind of evidence. 

The Timeline of Disciplinary Action

Another piece of evidence that may be used to help prove an age discrimination case against an employer is the timeline of the disciplinary action against you. If you have been a stellar employee and have had nothing but amazing reviews, and then you turn 60 and suddenly receive negative reviews, this is a pretty indicator that your age is being used against you. It is also important to point out whether younger employees are getting away with what you are being written up for. If they are, you can again argue that the discipline is strictly age-related. 

The Hiring Practice of the Business

The final piece of evidence that can be used to prove an age discrimination case against an employer is the hiring practice or trends of the business you are claiming is discriminating against you. If the business is strictly hiring people under 30 years of age or under 40 years of age, and you see no one older coming in, and at the same time, you are being pushed out, you can make an argument that the company only wants younger employees and their hiring practices back this up. 

Proving an age discrimination case against an employer is challenging. This is why is it so important to consult with an age discrimination law service. They can take a look at your case and help you determine whether you have the evidence to prove your case, or what additional evidence or information you may need. If you feel that you are the victim of an employer discriminating against you because of your age, contact age discrimination law attorneys like those at Shegerian & Associates, INC. today to schedule a consultation.