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3 Tips For Writing And Printing Legal Briefs

Paralegal professionals tend to be the heart and soul of a law firm. As one, writing legal briefs is one of the more common responsibilities you may have. A legal brief is the written argument for a lawsuit. It addresses the parties involved and the terms of the suit. It explains the motions of the court case and summarizes the major points. Briefs are necessary when you're posing the original argument or penning a counter-argument. Study the finer points of legal briefs so you can improve at this consistent part of your job as a paralegal.

1. Work out the legal brief so that you're effectively communicating

A legal brief has several parts and definitions. The statement of facts, introductory theory, table of authorities (TOA), and conclusion all make up a well-written legal brief. "Brief" is the key term involved, since these are summaries, rather than complete and thorough arguments. Attorneys will have time to expound upon all of your points in oral arguments, depositions, and hearings. Hit the key points and make sure that you're clearly explaining yourself.

Even if you're confident that you've effectively communicated, you should still get another set of eyes on it. Proofreading can help catch some pesky little errors or huge blunders. With a few edits, your brief will be ready to hit the print shop so you can put it before the judge.

2. Arrange for work with a legal brief printing company

Creating the brief is the first part, but you have to find a printing company that can turn it over for you quickly. Ask what formats they mostly use. Supreme Court format is a common method. A good brief will also need some covers and color-coding to make it easier to read. Some legal brief printers will also hand-deliver the documents to the court for you.

3. Improve in your role as a paralegal so that you can create the best legal briefs with consistency

A paralegal needs to have a few traits that they'll use often. In addition to being an effective communicator, you also need to be punctual and accurate with all of your work. Organization is essential, and you should keep taking it upon yourself to learn all of the technology that law firms put to use.

The work of a good paralegal is never done. Legal briefs are such a huge part of the job, and proper preparation and printing are essential.

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