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4 Reasons Why Insurance Firms May Deny Your Car Accident Claim

You buy auto insurance to protect you against financial loss in case of an accident. After a car crash, you need to file a claim to receive your compensation. While the process might seem easy, some insurance firms might deny your claim, and you need to consult a motor accident attorney. Here are the top reasons why an insurer can reject your claim.

1. The Accident Was Your Fault

Most accidents are inevitable, no doubt. However, you can avoid some car crashes if you abide by the law. In regard to that, an insurance company may deny your claim if your actions highly contributed to the accident. Here are circumstances where your coverage might become ineffective:

• Drunk driving

• Over speeding

• Lending your car to an unlicensed driver

At this point, you might need to hire a car accident attorney to help you solve the dispute. 

2. Dishonesty

As per the norm, you will need to fill some forms before receiving your settlement. Such documents might require you to indicate repair or replacement costs. Additionally, you should provide an estimate of your medical bills. In other cases, an insurance company might compensate you for pain and suffering. If you give false information, your insurer might reject your claim. Besides that, you will be committing insurance fraud, which is punishable by law.  Thus, you should be honest when filing a claim and even get the assistance of a car accident lawyer.

3. Expired policy

Your motor insurance policy can only be valid if it's active. If the policy has lapsed or expired, your insurer won't compensate you for damages after an accident. For example, if you don't pay monthly insurance on time, your claim will get rejected. Typically, an insurance firm can argue that your policy has lapsed. When that happens, you will be liable for the losses. You might have to pay for such expenses out of pocket.

4. Lack of legal representation

It's no secret that insurance firms might take advantage of inexperienced clients when they don't have legal representation. An adjuster might deny your claim due to baseless reasons if you seek compensation on your own. Also, you can receive low compensation due to a lack of knowledge. For these reasons, it's advisable to seek the assistance of an auto accident law attorney immediately after the accident. 

Your motor accident attorney will guide you throughout the entire process. They will ensure you get the maximum amount possible by gathering the following evidence:

• Medical records

• Accident scene photos

• Vehicle information

An insurance firm might not favor you since its goal is to make profits. However, you can work with an experienced motor accident attorney to file your compensation claim.  

For more information, contact a motor accident attorney in your area.